Pluralism is a spiritual fallacy which we must condemn

JP: Good read by Chris Anderson

Sound Words: The Right to Be Wrong


Ours is a day in which religious tolerance is equated with religious pluralism. In reality the two are very different. Whereas tolerance is a political principle for which we rejoice (“all Americans have the right to worship as they please”), pluralism is a spiritual fallacy which we must condemn (“all religions are right”). The folly of asserting that mutually exclusive claims can all be valid should be self-evident, yet we are perpetually told that every religion is true. Christians must think more clearly. We should be grateful for freedom of religion and willing to defend the rights of even unbelievers, and we must adamantly reject the notion that all religions are true.

Confronting false religions with the exclusivity of the cross has been the task of believers ever since the founding of the church. In the book of Acts, the apostles provide a tremendous example of how Christians should engage false religions. Although their audiences varied widely, the apostles consistently confronted them with sin, the crucified and risen Christ, and a call to believing repentance.

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