Snow job!

If you have never tried this, now is the time. I understand that it has be 10 degrees below zero for it to work. We’ve done it at -15.

Resource: Make snow from a cup of water on a very cold, dry day


He is the God of hope

JP: Good blog article by Diane Heeney on praying for the salvation of loved ones.

In Due Season


… just 5 years ago, my mom was a “good Lutheran,” convinced that her own good works could buy her way to heaven. God works miraculously, though…and after my Dad’s death she began to search in her own private way. After she moved in with us, the inquiries became more and more frequent, until they literally reached the point of “What must I do to be saved?” She trusted Christ (she had begun to read the Bible through, the year before), and flew out to OH to be baptized by my brother. Talk about sweet opportunities.

Why do I post this on the blog? Well, perhaps you’ve been praying for a relative, that they might see their need of a Savior. Maybe you got together with relatives over Christmas, and you are feeling discouraged…that they will never understand…that they are beyond hope. But He is the God of hope. Keep praying, keep loving them, keep faithful in ministering the Word when you can. “God specializes in things thought impossible,” as the song goes.