A worm with a Redeemer

Fear not, you worm Jacob,
You men of Israel!
I will help you,” says the LORD
And your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. (Isaiah 41:14)

Remember that you are a worm, a worm with a Redeemer


I love this passage. It is nestled in the midst of the prophet Isaiah’s grand trumpeting of God’s faithfulness in providing salvation for his people.

God reminds his people that they are insignificant, weak, and helpless. But at the same time that they have a glorious, powerful, eternally significant redeemer who is none other than the Holy One of Israel.

This is just such good Christ-centered balance. The proper perspective for understanding the greatness of our Redeemer is to understand something of the helplessness of the one who needs such redemption. The fact that our God has made everything and does now sustain everything serves to remind my forgetful heart of his timeless power and priority to exalt his own greatness. Somehow as a worm I fit into this grand plan!

JP: Image is subset of desktop wallpaper available here.

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