Pondering the Paths

Ponder the path of your feet, And let all your ways be established (Proverbs 4:26)

JP: Good blog post by Diane Heeney.

Pondering the Paths


… today, on the brink of a New Year, I am taking time to ponder the paths I have walked down in the last 350-some-odd days. Where did I choose to walk? With whom (am I walking with the wise)? Did I invite my Lord to come along on all my jaunts? In a fast-paced world, I am challenged to stop… and think. What I think will determine what I say, what I do. Simply put, “A life of integrity requires attention to heart, speech, eyes, and conduct.” (Jamieson, Faucette & Brown commentary)

The word “ponder” in Prov. 4:26 below can mean either to “prepare the way…make smooth” or “weigh in the balances”. Either meaning works for me. To look down the path and see that there are rocks, roots–dangerous obstacles to remove–if I am running, and not considering where I am going, I will trip and fall for sure. Sometimes a path is worth clearing…sometimes it is simply more prudent to turn around and choose another way (as seen below).

To “weigh” my path holds much the same meaning for me, but goes a little deeper: where is this path going…where will I end up if I continue down it? That is a crucial question…to look not only where your feet are planted currently (which may seem safe enough)…but to look to the end of the journey. Is it the “upward way” or increasingly more downhill? You know what happens, once you gain momentum…especially if you are heedless and leaning upon your own understanding. On those questionable paths, that “lamp unto my feet…light unto my path” is invaluable. The Word of God can reveal all the dips, curves, and menacing obstacles. Mental note: Better take it along.