Pillsbury – True to the End

JP: By Norm Olson (Baptist Bulletin). Posted on SharperIron

Norm Olson: True to the End


Pillsbury has an unusual history, its beginnings tracing to events even before Minnesota became a state in 1858. Chartered as an academy by the Minnesota Baptist State Convention, the school name was changed to Pillsbury Academy when George Pillsbury, flour baron and former mayor of Minneapolis, sponsored the construction of the Owatonna campus.

The early 20th century struggles between religious liberalism and fundamentalism affected the school greatly, with the modernists trying to hold onto the school, while fundamentalists realized the potential for a school to train young people for the Lord’s service. Finally the Minnesota Supreme Court declared that the fundamentalist-controlled Minnesota Baptist Convention was sole owner of the school, holding exclusive rights to elect the trustees. Truly it is one of few, if any other, schools that have been “rescued” from modernism. Schools that have changed ideology over time typically have the opposite history.

Ironically, I wouldn’t be writing this tribute if I hadn’t attended Pillsbury. Matriculating as a non-Baptist, I soon developed convictions concerning Biblical, dispensational theology. Further, the school trained me in other useful areas of service besides doctrine. Over the years I have come to appreciate this training more and more …

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