Let’s get organized!

I would like to see the Fourth Baptist Young Adults get more of an organization in 2009.

Kathee and I count it a joy to work and fellowship with 4BYA. My prayer is that 4BYA would be a young adult led fellowship.

I propose that in 2009 we have a young adult council comprised of three 4BYA women and three 4BYA men. This council would be elected and serve for 1 year. The purpose of this council would be to plan and direct the 4BYA ministry.

I would like to have us talk about this in December and make a decision in January. Please know that we need to follow all 4th Baptist Church policies in implementing this idea. After 4BYA feedback, I will confer with Pastor Stamper for direction.

I will send out a survey link with the next 4BYA newsletter.

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