Hudson Taylor: “I can scarcely think…but I can trust”

From Hudson Taylor In Early Years: The Growth of A Soul by Dr. and Mrs. Howard Taylor; Morgan & Scott; 1911

JP: Brief post by Dianne Heeney with Hudson Taylor’s “spiritual secret”:

Strength For Today: One of Taylor’s “Spiritual Secrets”

Taylor returned to England with ill health and was brought to the very doors of death by the terrible news of the Boxer Rebellion in May 1890. The disruption of the work and the murder of hundreds of missionaries along with native Christians caused him to say, “I cannot read, I cannot pray, I can scarcely think…but I can trust”

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Wiki: Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret (This is the classic biography of James Hudson Taylor by his son Howard and daughter-in-law Geraldine, who also served as missionaries to China. It is the inspiring story of Taylor’s uncovering of the spiritual secret that paved the way for the China Inland Mission to become a reality)

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