Missionaries in Uruguay involved in a van accident

JP: Prayer request forwarded on by Paul Harmon. See update (11/12) below.

Secrest Accident

Last night we received news that fellow BWM Uruguayan missionaries, Barry and Barbara Secrest, had an accident in their Volkswagon “Combi” van. The vans brakes went out near a T intersection. Barry attempted to make a wide turn and the van tires went off the pavement, casuing the van to roll onto the roof. They thought that was the worst until they heard someone in the back yell that the van was on fire. Everyone was able to get out.

Though they have some injuries – Barry’s hand is cut, Barbara’s feet have small cuts and their youngest son Antonio has burns on his ear and hand -the Secrests are all ok. They are extremely concerned for those injured last night.

  • Julia has 2nd degree burns over 50% of her body. She also inhaled the flames. She is stable but in critical condition.
  • Jonathan -17 year old son of Julia – has burned ankles, was released from the hospital last night, but is going back today because he can’t walk.
  • Pablo – 21 years old – has 2nd degree burns over 25% of his body. He also inhaled the flames. He had to have a tracheotomy.

We know they will appreciate your prayers.


Barb Secrest’s Account of the Van Accident

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