Celebrating Luther’s 525th

JP: Good read remembering Martin Luther: Thank God for Martin Luther

His life (through reading his biography while in college) had a profound impact on me.

In one of my history classes (I think either World History or European History) one of my assigned books was Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther, by Roland Bainton. This book introduced me to the concepts of “the Reformation”, “justification by faith”, and the great battle that produced Protestantism. I previously had somewhat of a mindset that Christianity was for women and a rather wimpish pursuit. In my own background, only my Mother went to church and Dad stayed at home. I saw in the person of Martin Luther a man who risked his life for truth. This left a huge impact upon my life.

Thank God for Martin Luther


It was a backwater German town called Eisleben on November 10, 1483—today marks 525 years.

There Martin Luther had his inauspicious beginning. He was born a poor boy, son of a coal miner. And by a strange providence, Luther died in the same town 62 years later on February 18, 1546, even though he spent barely any of his life there.

In the intervening 6 decades, the world changed—and Luther, under God, was the chief catalyst.

The pope excommunicated Luther in January of 1521, making him a marked man. For the last 25 years of his life, he lived with the awareness that each day could be his last. He often expressed surprise that he was still alive.

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