Romans 8:28 and the election

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

The Election in Light of Romans 8:28

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I’ve been particularly discouraged by the amount of panic coming from Christians concerning the results of this race. To listen to some believers talk is to get the impression that events are spiraling out of control. One evangelical leader even wrote a letter predicting a dire set of circumstances by the year 2012 based on his view of unfavorable results of the election.

As I’ve been pondering the election and the implications of the outcome on life, I’ve been consistently challenged and encouraged as I’ve directed my thoughts toward Romans 8:28


So how [does the truths of Romans 8:28] help us as we elect a new President?

First, we must realize that God is completely sovereign over all events. Nothing happens apart from His plans and purposes. Most Christians acknowledge this truth in theory, but many will fail to act on it when the poll results come in late Tuesday night.

Second, the truth that God is working all things for our current good should support us and even bring us joy no matter what happens at the polls. God will choose the next President based on what will be the most beneficial for your sanctification over the next four years. If God allows the economy to get worse or better it is for your growth in holiness. No matter what policies will be instituted, God will use them to transform believers more into His likeness.

Finally, in all the talk about elections and new leadership, we must keep in mind our final destination. One day, according to Romans 8:30 we will stand before the Lord in our new bodies as glorified saints. If you are a believer, nothing that happens on earth can change that fact. Because this promise of God is certain, our joy, trust and confidence must be firmly placed in the Lord who made this promise, not in men who fail us so often

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