Nahum study

JP: Our study Wednesday night November 5th will be from Nahum chapter 1

A brief outline:

  1. Introduction: The book is an oracle which concerns Nineveh, a vision which comes from Nahum the Elkoshite 1:1
  2. God Avenges His People: After Yahweh is introduced as a righteous, powerful, angry warrior against whom no one can stand, Nahum asserts that He will protect those who trust in Him and judge their enemy (Nineveh) because it plotted against Him 1:2-11
  3. Nineveh’s Demise: Through warnings and prophetic descriptions Nahum urges Nineveh to be ready for battle because destruction and public humiliation are sure as a result of her enormous evil and because Yahweh is going to deliver His people, Judah. 1:12–3:19
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