Three truths about the church

JP: Good read from Mark Dever:

Mark Dever — Three Things For Church Planters/Theologians


  1. The Church is God’s Idea
    • Matthew 16:18, Jesus founded the church
    • Faithfulness involves less creativity and more repetition. We don’t want to say new things, we want to repeat the things that God has said.
    • Christ bought the church with his blood (Acts 20:28), he identifies with his church (Acts 9).
  2. The Church is to Reflect God’s Character
    • We are about something so much bigger than we think when we meet with church.
    • God has always been interested in a corporate collection of people. For example, much of the fruit of the Spirit can’t be exhibited in isolation. Things like kindness and love are tough to manifest in isolation.
  3. The Church Displays Jesus’ Character
    • John 13:34-35, the church should make Jesus known in its conduct and character
    • Biblical life change is the best advertisement for the church.

Ultimately, when we read the end of the Bible we can have confidence that the church wins!

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