It’s only payment

JP: Lawyer joke by Dan Burrell. Humorous look at the incorrect view of the material! I encourage all to read entire article.

It’s only payment

A powerful and arrogant lawyer found himself at heaven’s gates about to be ushered in by St. Peter. (Yes, I KNOW the theology is wrong.) As he waits his turn, he stands guards over two huge suitcases. As he approaches the front of the line, he grabs them one by one by the handles and with much grunting and perspiration pulls them along with him.

As Peter checks for his name on the entry list, he informs the lawyer that he will be unable to bring any luggage in with him. The lawyer begins to protest loudly. “I simply MUST bring these in with me. I won’t hear of leaving them behind. Too whom must I speak to get permission?” He grew louder by the minute in spite of Peter’s calm explanation that rules were rules. Finally, frustrated, Peter disappeared behind the pearly gates for what seemed like an eternity (Get it? ETERNITY) and when he emerged, he said, “Apparently, you must be well connected or something because I’ve been given a special exception to allow you to take your suitcases in with you.”

Delighted, the lawyer began dragging them toward the gates. Peter, stopped him, however and said, “Sir, before you can take those in. I have to see what is in them. Would you mind opening them for me?” The lawyer immediately dropped them to their sides and began opening the heavy locks.

Finally, with a bit of a flourish, the lawyer lifts the lids to the massive suitcases to show Peter brick after brick of shining 100% pure gold! Every nook and cranny of the suitcases was packed with it.

Peter has a funny look cross his face and then breaks out in hysterical laughter. He’s soon laughing so hard that the tears are streaming down his cheeks and he can hardly contain himself. As he holds his ribs, he calls for Gideon and a few other angels who were standing near by to come take a look.

As they look to see what the commotion is all about, Peter calls out, “Guys, you HAVE to see this. This poor moron got a special exception to take anything he wanted into heaven with him and the idiot brings two suitcases full of….

(….wait for it, wait for it….)


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Revelation 21:21, The twelve gates were twelve pearls: each individual gate was of one pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

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