Praying boy at McDonald’s

Recently I’ve had a bad experience and then a good experience at McDonald’s. I will briefly mention the bad and then focus on the good.

In both cases, Kathee worked late and I drove home alone (her “coming home” to be by Metro Transit # 793).

Yesterday Kathee joked with me and asked what I would be doing for dinner. I told her I would be making Beef Stroganoff and “did she buy the necessary ingredients?” (I wouldn’t even know what those ingredients would be!). She knowingly (knowing that I don’t cook) kindof gave me that smile and I “criticized” her for not buying the ingredients. Then I said “oh well, guess I’ll go to McDonald’s”.

Basically I need someone to fill my drink and carry my try at McDonald’s. Several weeks ago K worked late and the McD’s manager gave me grief when I asked him to bring my meal to the table.

Last night (a different location – McDonald’s at 169 & Medicine Lake) my experience was all different. The order taker (seeing me coming with hands busy gripping my crutch handles) volunteered to bring my meal to my table. That was pleasant.

Along the way a young couple with (I’m guessing his age) an 8 year old boy sat at the table next to mine. Before they ate, Dad asked his Son if he would like to pray to thank God for dinner. The boy had one of the nicest prayers. He started “Dear Heavenly Father”. He remembered various prayer requests. He prayed for some of his relatives. He thanked God for dinner. And he ended the prayer “in the name of Jesus”.

Wow! Made my day! While I did not want to invade their privacy, I did briefly comment to the young man as I left. I commended him for being a person of prayer.

1 Timothy 4:4,5 “nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving; for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.”

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