Joining the Battle (Ephesians 6:10-20)

JP: Outline for our Bible Study for tonight

  1. The capstone of Paul’s epistle – “Finally, my brethren”
  2. The commands (all imperatives)
    • “be strong” (vs 10)
    • “Put on” (vs 11)
    • “take up” (vs 13)
    • “Stand therefore” (vs 14)
    • “take the helmet” (vs 17)
  3. The kind of battle are we fighting
    • It is a spiritual battle (not physical / not political)
    • It is a defensive battle
    • It is an offensive battle
    • It is a battle on many fronts
    • It is a battle until Christ comes
  4. The location of this battle fought
    • In the world
    • In the heavenlies
    • In our own hearts
  5. How to prepare for and fight the battle
    • We must follow our Leader
    • We must receive His strength
    • We must put on His armor
    • We must stand our ground
    • We might fight together
    • We must herald the Gospel
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