Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever

JP: Good read (in entirety) from Warren Vanhetloo:

The concluding note in the recommended prayer pattern of the Lord Jesus Christ is worshipful praise: “For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen” (Matt 6:13). Jesus suggests that we begin our prayer time with an expression of honor due God and also that we conclude with further recognition of who He really is and how He is so over-qualified to respond to our petition. There is none like Him. None other in all creation even approaches the greatness of the God to whom we address our pleas.

God is not an earthly Being; He is “in heaven.” He is not now seeing His will totally done in His creation, and so we pray, Thy Kingdom come.” But the presence of great ungodliness in the present world does not indicate deficiency or defeat. Although we pray that His kingdom may come, we at the same time recognize that, even more important, He now totally rules over all creation. He rules over the rebels. He permits His enemies to pursue their lusts, not willing that any should perish but desirous that many, even all, might come to know His Savior. He is a patient and long-suffering King of all.

His supreme rule is not to be doubted or denied. It only seems deficient to our limited vision. His power is similarly supreme, neither to be doubted or denied. We realize that One can have power without having to use that power. God is not controlled by His power, nor does He choose to manifest the fullness of His power through this “grace” period. Although the world seems to many of us to be getting more and more degenerate, we must remind ourselves of the opposition to God prior to the universal flood. All but one man, Noah, had persistently rejected or at least neglected the saving offer of God. The world in our day may get worse and worse, but God is no less powerful.

Nor is His glory diminished by present and persistent opposition. Men cannot tarnish the purity of the Holy One. His glory will be perfectly manifest in that final period we speak of as heaven. His glory is no less now, even though it may appear to be diluted to our eyes. The glories of His handiwork throughout creation are no less brilliant now than before sin entered the world. It is our eyes that are at times flawed, not the beauty of creation. Re-creation has already begun. His grace and glory are displayed in every true believer as we live out the new life He has given us. We have nothing of which to boast; it is all of His grace that we are able to live acceptably in His light. Let’s give Him the glory.

Many Scripture verses speak of the greatness of His kingdom, of His power, and of His glory. We do well to use those Scripture portions in our prayers. Many hymns and choruses proclaim the supremacy, the might, and the glory of the God we worship. Such phrases also find a place in our prayer expression. From the depths of the redeemed heart come genuine exaltations of praise for the greatness of the God who so graciously redeemed us and daily watches over us. We cannot overly exalt the greatness of our God.

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