The sovereign selection of Israel

JP: Good read (from GARBC conference):

GARBC: A Resolution Concerning Israel


As a result of God’s sovereign choice, the people of Israel are beloved for the sake of the patriarchs (Romans 11:28). God entrusted them as a people with His oracles (3:2). He adopted them as sons; He revealed to them His glory; He brought them into a covenantal relationship with Himself; and He blessed them with the Torah, the temple service, and the promises (9:4). Also, the people of Israel are the ones through whom the Messiah, Who is over all, entered into this world according to the flesh (9:5).

These gifts of God to Israel and His sovereign election of this people are irrevocable (Romans 11:29). Thus, God most certainly has not cast them away (11:1), nor has He renounced His promise that the Land belongs to the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob forever (Genesis 13:15; Exodus 6:8).

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