Learning to live simply and prayerfully

JP: 2 blog entries from Paul Harmon

The dollar continues to fall

We have lost ten percent of our income during this time. The current exchange rate as of this morning at a well known exchange house was 1 Dollar to 19.30 Uruguayan Pesos.

So what does that mean for us? It means that our initial Outfit and Passage fund is not going as far as we would like it to go. My language tuition has gone up by 10%, and we are learning to live simply.

Internet access

… disaster struck for my Linksys Router. It accidentally got plugged into a 220 V outlet. Unfortunately, it was only intended for 110V

a reliance upon Him in every circumstance is truly important

Comment: We need to continue to remember Paul and Jo Anna in prayer. Paul is not complaining! He is rejoicing and trusting.

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