Reasons To Study the Church’s Past

Seven Reasons To Study the Church’s Past

As I’ve I read about the first-century church, I’ve been struck by the blessedness of living in this generation—our generation. As I study the very early Christians I begin to see again just what a legacy we have as Christ followers. The faith as we know it today was not simply handed to us, but was painstakingly developed over hundreds and thousands of years. The Scriptures have been closely studied through all of those years and the general pattern has been incremental steps forward and often large steps backward. Sometimes God sees fit to allow the church to take a giant step forward, as in the days of the Reformation, but more often the church has slowly and deliberately developed doctrine that accords to Scripture. Today we have unprecedented access to the Scripture and to resources dealing with the Bible. For this we ought to be profoundly grateful.

I thought it would be worthwhile to list some reasons that we, as Christians, should be eager to engage in the study of church history.

  1. God Tells Us To
  2. To Understand Today
  3. To Understand Tomorrow
  4. To Understand Providence
  5. To Understand Error
  6. To Understand People
  7. To Understand Endurance
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