The Basic Plot of Scripture, Part 2

The Basic Plot of Scripture, Part 2

The Old Testament describes God’s preparing a people for Christ, and from a literary standpoint, this fact prepares a reader in any age to understand the Gospel narratives. When a reader arrives in the Gospels, he can’t help but notice the sweeping statements that Jesus came to save sinners (Matt. 9:13; 20:28; Luke 19:10). He cannot help but notice that a large percentage of the Gospel narratives describe the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. And reading on in Acts and the Epistles, the reader cannot help but notice that these apostles talk a lot about Jesus and what He did to save us.

It terms of raw word count, the Bible is mostly about redemption, either directly or indirectly.

Creation, fall, and redemption continue throughout Scripture. This truth is worth noting. But it is more remarkable to see how Scripture relates them to each other, particularly in that Scripture casts redemption as a re-creation. Scripture describes redemption as a re-creation both at the personal level and at the cosmic level.

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