What a Friend for sinners!

Chuck Bumgardner on: Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners

Within the present hymn, we find in turn a number of descriptions of Jesus tied to the various forms of aid He provides for those who are His.

Do we fall short of the glory of God? Jesus is the sinner’s loving Friend (Matt 11:19) who makes us whole.

Are we susceptible to temptation? Jesus is our Strength in weakness (2 Cor 12:10; Eph 6:10-11; Heb 4:15), who wins the victory.

Are we faced with sorrow and deep waters? Jesus is our Help and Comfort (cf. Heb 4:14-16).

Are we in need of direction and protection? Jesus is our Guide and Keeper (cf. Matt 28:20).

Hymn: Jesus! what a Friend for sinners!

JP: Chuck’s post is a worthwhile and encouraging read!