Housing for the Harmons

Please be in pray for Paul and Jo Anna and their housing need in Uruguay. Paul’s blog has the latest with a photo of the home they are trying to rent.

Updated on 5/21 from Paul Harmon:

We saw the Lord answer your prayers, Monday.

We found out that the overnight delivery service had been bouncing the document between Uruguayan departments. As a result we were able to have it picked up by a missionary at a central office. We then were able to connect with three different missionaries over the course of one day to get the various required signatures.


The paperwork on our end was submitted to the legal secretary and real estate agent Monday night at 7pm. As a result we were able to negotiate a preliminary contract. The legal secretary is verifying the information that we submitted so that she will be able to give us a final contract for both parties to sign.

Please pray that we will have keys in hand to our rental home early next week. We could really use some time to clean the house, install some basic security, a water heater, and some heating.

Thanks again for the prayers and the comments.


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