Casey Malloy: Summer Music Ministry Intern


Casey is 23 years old, having just finished his fourth year in a five-year program studying Sacred Music and Music Education at Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, Iowa. Casey was born and raised in Carroll, Iowa. His parents divorced when he was 2 years old. Casey’s mother received Christ as her Savior around the time of the divorce, and she and the children began attending Faith Baptist Church. Casey accepted Christ when very young and as he grew, he got involved in the church youth group and the music ministry. His father enrolled him in Kuemper Catholic School where he attended for twelve years. This situation helped him to learn to take a stand in an unbelieving environment where people considered themselves religious.

Because of Casey’s interest and involvement in music, his frequent exposure to FBBC, and various scholarships, he enrolled at FBBC. His years at Faith Baptist Bible College have encouraged growth in his life and in his musical abilities. Casey has four sisters, Carey, Laura, Molly, and Katie, who have all graduated from FBBC and met their spouses there.

Casey has attended Saylorville Baptist Church near Ankeny during his college years and has been very involved in the music and visitation ministries. It has been a blessing for him to participate in evangelism with the man who led his mother to the Lord, Pastor Chuck DeCleene, and to see people come to faith in Christ. Casey participated in a music internship at Saylorville Baptist Church last summer.

Casey enjoys spending time outdoors, playing the piano, playing sports (especially golf), following Notre Dame sports teams, and spending time with his family.

Although Casey does not yet have specific goals for the future, he desires most of all to be used in ministry and to enjoy a close walk with the Lord. He is open to whatever God directs, but expects that music will always play a part in his service for Christ.

Casey’s goal for his summer internship is to gain practical experience in the music ministry and in ministry in general. He hopes to be a blessing to Fourth Baptist Church this summer as the church has shown kindness and generosity to him in providing this opportunity to learn and serve.

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