Finalized collection for the Justin Nyquist Al Asad project

We had planned on packing our gifts for the Justin Nyquist Al Asad project this Wednesday. Due to the change of the church schedule, we have had to make these adjustments:

  • Bring your Justin Nyquist gift either this Wednesday or this Sunday. Sunday is the absolute deadline!
  • Please leave your gift at the Church information desk. Amie Steinhart requests that you mark your gift with Justin’s name.
  • Liz and Joanna will pack our gifts and send them off to to Justin in Iraq.
  • Remember that we need some monies for postage. If you would like to contribute to this need, please provide a small donation to Liz or Joanna. I’m guessing that postage may be approximately $ 20, so if many just gave $ 1. that should cover it. Liz will keep careful accounting and let us know if there is any overage.
  • Liz thought she would take a picture that we can post!
  • If you would like to include a note or a card, please leave that at the information desk as well.
  • Thank you Liz and Joanna for driving this project.
  • Please continue to pray for Justin’s safety!
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