Summary of planning meeting

Today a handful of young adults met at the Peets’ for the aforementioned planning meeting, fueled by bagels, coffee, and juice. After Jim led in prayer, we enjoyed a series of skits, visual reminders of the “one anothers” in the Bible. Alas, we didn’t get to observe “greet another with a holy kiss” because I guessed it before Josh and Heidi demonstrated it. Nonetheless, we did see some other great skits and were reminded to pay attention to our “body life” (e.g. how we interact with the body of Christ).

Following the skits, Pastor Stamper brought a challenge to us from I Corinthians 12 (primarily) and 13 (as it references love), which also discuss the body. I enjoyed hearing him tell us to be unified despite our diversity, a different model than I hear in the secular workplace.

We then divided into three groups to each discuss a key topic: communication, activities, or service/outreach. Each group discussed its topic for about 25 minutes and reported back to everyone else some of the ideas concerning the topic. Although this particular meeting was at 10,000 feet, numerous good ideas came up, and a subsequent meeting to “dive into the weeds” is scheduled for March 30. During that meeting we will also determine a means to organize the group to facilitate ideas and coordinate activities in the future.

We did have some discussion concerning the purpose and overall charter of the group. The group agreed that we align with the overall mission and vision of Fourth Baptist. We also agree that the church already has processes, tools, and structure in a number of areas, and we do not need to re-create these where they are already available.

I encourage others to get involved in both the next planning meeting and with the group overall. Are you already on the e-mail distribution list? If not, please submit your e-mail address to Josh Boyd and copy Jim Peet. My dear brother Sam also had an idea to have a 4BYA Facebook group, which I attempted to create. If you are on Facebook, check it out.

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