Planning meeting

Kathee and I propose to have a 2 hour planning meeting on __*___ (more on this). All interested in planning the ministry of the 4BYA are invited.

* the original proposal was for Saturday 3/15 from 10-noon at the Peet’s house. After the service today I chatted with half a dozen about this date. After I arrived home from church, I received an email informing me that that is Spring break and not a good time. The alternate proposal is Saturday 3/1 (same time and place)

Kathee and I cannot meet the Saturday 3/8 as we will be traveling. There is a conflict with 3/29 because of the Men for Christ event.

Let’s discuss this Wednesday night.

Comment: we will attempt to schedule this so that everyone who wishes to attend can attend.

Kathee and I will provide bagels and coffee. If the meeting runs past noon we will order in sandwiches.

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