On the way to work today

Kathee and I had some excitement on the way to work today. At the corner of Plymouth Avenue and Penn Avenue (Minneapolis) Kathee saw a bloodied man standing on the sidewalk. It is very cold here this morning, 13 degrees, and he was lightly dressed with only a zippered sweatshirt. He had no gloves. I turned the corner and drove down a couple of blocks to turn around and then drove back along side the man. He had this massive, lacerated, fist sized lump on his forehead and a cut across his nose. He face was bloodied and bruised.

Kathee called 911 and I had him sit in the back of the car. He said he had been beaten and robbed by 3 or 4 men. Tom said he had just gotten out of prison (6 months). I asked if he was in a gang and he said “I am gang affiliated, but not a gang member”. (At this juncture, Kathee quietly moved her purse from behind her seat to the front seat!).

I briefly told Tom about Christ. He said he went to church while he was in prison and that he had been reading the Bible.

The police arrived about 10 min later. Please be praying for him. His name is Tom B. and he is 20 years old.


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